Exquisite Earrings (Small)

$10.00 USD


Product Description

Button earrings are made with fabric from Africa. Light weight and stylish. Due to the variances in the fabric, each pair will be a bit unique. The posts and keepers are hypoallergenic and made from surgical steel.

Small: Approximately 3/4" in diameter (the size of a penny)

Exquisite Earrings (Small)

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Love = Eros + Agape + Phileo + Storge
Eros: romantic love
Agape: godly, unconditional love
Phileo: friendly companionship or a brotherly love
Storge: protective or parental love

At the center of all four of these is relationship—one of our fundamental yearnings that make us human. We are also lovingly and intricately crafted with purpose. I create each product the same way
♥ Colossians 3:12-17♥