♥ Lovingly Handmade with Purpose ♥

I am an artist; well, a crafter to be exact. For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed creating things and making something unique from something ordinary. I see the beauty in the things that have been cast away. I often see past what something is and see what something can be and I love shaping it in a way to illuminate that beauty for others to see. I find beauty in details, so with everything I create, I pay close attention to the details, ensuring that the beauty is highlighted. With my passion and love to create things, I have started, LEAPS Handmade with Nia, a business where I make one of a kind, handmade accessories. Each item is lovingly handmade with a purpose.

With this business, I am leaping and having faith. As I take this leap of faith, thank you for leaping with me through your purchase and support. I am truly grateful for you. Enjoy!

30% of all proceeds go to support the Rose Mapendo Foundation.
The Mission of the Rose Mapendo Foundation (RMF) is to empower the women of the Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi to work together, regardless of religious, tribal, or political differences, to achieve peace and reconciliation in the region. To make counseling available to all those affected by the violence.

Just a few designs

Welcome to LEAPS Handmade with Nia

Love = Eros + Agape + Phileo + Storge
Eros: romantic love
Agape: godly, unconditional love
Phileo: friendly companionship or a brotherly love
Storge: protective or parental love

At the center of all four of these is relationship—one of our fundamental yearnings that make us human. We are also lovingly and intricately crafted with purpose. I create each product the same way
♥ Colossians 3:12-17♥